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PID Strategies Assemble!

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    Christopher Brown

    Welcome and introductions (5 mins)
    Working Group deliverables

    National PID Strategies guide and checklist (5 mins)
    An overview of existing case studies (5 mins)
    Adoption stories (5 mins)

    From working group to interest group (10 mins)
    Discussion and Q&A (15 mins)
    Focus areas and plans for the new interest group (10 mins)
    Identifying synergies with other PID groups (5 mins)
    Engagement with PID providers (5 mins)
    Discussion and Q&A (25 mins)

    National PID Strategies IG ( continues the work of the National PID Strategies WG (

    Additional links to informative material
    Guide and checklist
    GUIDE and CHECKLIST: Pathways to National PID Strategies (RDA WG Output)
    Case Studies:
    Nine case studies (RDA WG Output)
    Previous plenary meetings:
    National PID Strategies VP20 WG meeting: Pathways to national PID strategies: guidance to facilitate uptake and alignment
    National PID Strategies VP19 WG meeting: Developing a ‘how-to’ guide for National PID Strategies
    National PID Strategies VP18 WG meeting: Aligning and coordinating national PID strategies
    National PID Strategies VP17 BoF: Opportunities for collaboration and alignment

    Avoid conflict with the following group (1)
    PID IG

    Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group
    The National PID Strategies WG ran from December 2021 to June 2023 to explore how Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) form part of national policy and research infrastructure implementation frameworks.
    The WG found that the development of national PID strategies is a relatively new phenomenon and many countries are in the very early stages. All national PID strategies are currently in development and therefore subject to a high degree of change. The outputs from the WG included a Guide that compares and contrasts national PID strategies based on nine case studies collected. This includes a National PID Strategy Checklist to summarise and highlight key considerations.
    National PID strategies are on the rise as evidenced in the nine case studies collected by the WG and the growing momentum of discussions at RDA Plenaries and other international fora. International PID providers have begun to actively engage with national PID strategies and the RDA National PID Strategies WG provided a focal point for furthering this engagement. With interest not only continuing but increasing in this area and the potential for collecting further case studies, including those from the Global South, this work will continue under the remit of the National PID Strategies Interest Group. With national strategies in flux the IG will enable the maintenance of existing case studies and updates to the Guide.
    This plenary session will provide the opportunity to highlight the transition from the WG to the IG, promote the outputs of the WG and encourage further participation within the new IG.

    Estimate of the required room capacity

    I Understand a Chair Must be Present at the Event to Hold the Breakout Session

    Meeting objectives

    Explain the work of the new National PID Strategies IG and how it builds on the work of the prior WG
    Promote the National PID Strategies WG deliverables – guide, checklist and nine case studies – and share adoption stories
    Discuss plans for maintaining the guide and existing set of case studies
    Facilitate information exchange between those developing and/or delivering national PID strategies
    Encourage other countries from across the globe to submit case studies for their national PID strategies
    Consider future IG activities such as developing a shared value proposition for particular use cases that assist the development of national PID strategies
    Engage further with international PID providers
    Highlight synergies with other PID work, including related RDA groups


    Please indicate at least (3) three breakout slots that would suit your meeting.
    Breakout 1, Breakout 3, Breakout 4

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