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January meetings – recordings and slides

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    Natasha Simons

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you to those who attended one or both of our lively January meetings
    last week. Slides and the recordings are available in this
    Google drive folder. Please let us know if you have any trouble
    accessing it.
    Particular thanks go to *Hana Heringova *for sharing the Czech Republic
    Case Study in the first meeting and *John Chodacki *for sharing the USA
    Case Study in the second meeting.
    *Paloma Marin-Arraiza* from ORCID has been translating the Guide and
    Checklist produced by the prior National PID Strategies WG into Spanish and
    we are very grateful for her efforts.
    We said thank you and farewell to outgoing co-chairs *Daniel Bangert*
    and *Shawna
    Sadler* and welcomed new co-chairs *Hana Heringova *and* John Aspler*.
    With the next RDA Plenary just around the corner, we will be preparing a
    submission for our IG and thank you for your input via the two meetings
    just held.
    Best regards,
    (on behalf of co-chairs Chris Brown, Hana Heringova and John Aspler)
    *Natasha Simons*
    Director, National Coordination
    [image: ARDC logo]
    The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
    Turrbal and Yuggera Country
    *ARDC acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands that we live and
    work on across Australia and pays its respect to Elders past and present*

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