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MSDWG at Plenary 4: summary and outcomes

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    Alex Ball

    Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting at Plenary 4. It was great to see established group members as well as many new faces.

    Progress since Plenary 3

    • We have added about 20 new standards to the DCC Directory.
    • We have set up a more transparent method of collecting new standards using a GitHub-hosted website, with our intern Kate Alderete building on previous work by Sean Chen.
    • Over the summer, we looked at policies for keeping the Directory up to date with our intern Yuan Ling. In particular, we considered how much of the update process can be automated. This is still a work in progress. The work is described in an IEEE workshop paper.
    • We have engaged with various other groups inside and outside of RDA: Metadata IG, RDA US, DCC, EUDAT, IEEE Big Data.

    We also gave a brief demonstration of the DCC directory for the benefit of those who had not seen it before.

    Use cases

    We worked on use cases involving the Metadata Standards Directory from various viewpoints:

    • Geospatial engineering
    • Materials science synchrotron data
    • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Cultural heritage

    These use cases will not only help us in developing the Directory and planning a successor WG, but also to develop a template we hope all RDA groups will use when collecting use cases.


    There were two main topics of discussion:

    • how the Directory will be sustained in the long term;
    • how to contribute ideas for future development, and how that might be funded.


    On co-chairs:

    • We will circulate an example use case to the group mailing list.
    • We will clarify what we want out of the use case exercise.

    On members:

    • Please send us your completed use case templates, plus any comments on the template itself.
    • Please see if the Directory holds information on the standards you know. If it doesn’t, please tell us about the missing standards, ideally through GitHub.
    • If you can help us improve the look and feel of the GitHub version, please tell us.
    • Do you have ideas on how to pipe information from GitHub to the DCC? If so, please let us know.
    • Add to our wishlist! We collected ideas at our RDA Marketplace poster (number 34). You can also send your ideas to our mailing list.
    • New members, please do join the group on the RDA website, which will give you access to the mailing list.

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