Plenary 3 - Metadata Interest Group Session


1)    Metadata IG Meeting:
Wednesday 26 March 1330-1500
Co-chairs: Keith Jeffery & Rebecca Koskela

Abstract: Metadata has several purposes: (a) to discover the dataset(s) of interest; (b) to evaluate them for suitability for the intended purpose; (c) to understand them in context (i.e. the dataset related to projects, persons, organizations, facilities equipment, publications…); (d) to allow interoperation in the sense of a homogenous query over heterogeneous datasets. The Metadata Interest Group would like to reach out and stimulate cross-discipline discussion on metadata for research datasets – for example with the marine people, or the agriculture (wheat) people.  Ideally MIG would come up with an architecture for metadata satisfying (a) through (d) above which could then be tested by the relevant groups and finally standardized via W3C. During this session, we would like to provide a forum to discuss all aspects of metadata.


○      More on RDA website

○      Agenda:

1)    Introduction and updates from the Co-Chairs (10 minutes)

2)    Relevant related work in other fora Co-Chairs  (10 minutes)

3)    Contributions from RDA Members on relevant activities (10 minutes)

4)    Discussion (60 minutes)