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[Resending] Brief thoughts on survey text

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    Kevin Ashley

    A couple of observations on the draft survey text following our call today:
    * We should make clear whose dollars are implied by the $, reflecting the global
    nature of our organisation and our commitment to standards & interoperability!
    Use a recognised indicator like USD, CAD, SGD (defined by ISO 4217)
    * I think the range of options should have a lower starting point, particularly
    given that those who already have personal fees set them at lower levels
    * The mention of being able to offset fees against tax points again to models
    where the subscription is paid to an in-country organisation which then passes
    most of it to the global organisation rather than the reverse. Tax benefits
    based on charitable status are generally only available to taxpayers in the same
    domicile as the charity. Those based on exemptions for professional fees are
    different but still often require recognition of the organisation involved by
    local tax authorities.
    [Added – I’ll make these comments on the google doc itself so they are in one

    Kevin Ashley. Director, Digital Curation Centre
    E: ***@***.*** @kevingashley | P: DCC, Argyle Hse (F West),
    T: +44 131 651 3823/1239 (helpdesk) | Lady Lawson St,
    M: +44 7817 402 498 | Edinburgh EH3 9DR, Scotland
    The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336.

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