Plenary 3 - RDA Marine Data Harmonisation IG: information for session at 3rd plenary

1530-1700 on Thursday the 27th of March


Helen Glaves (

Donatella Castelli (

Cyndy Chandler (

Enrique Alonso Garcia (

Andrew Maffei (

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The RDA Marine Data Harmonisation IG is a science-domain focused interest group whose members are actively engaged in the management of marine data and metadata, and similar related activities within existing networks of marine data centres / repositories.

This interest group will create and test marine data use-cases, collect feedback from active marine data managers, researchers and other stakeholders to improve the maturity and robustness of the specifications and recommendations of the other relevant RDA Working Groups. At the same time it will seek to underpin an improvement in marine data management in areas such as interoperability as well as providing a means for the outcomes from the other RDA working and interest groups to inform relevant activities in the marine domain.

Links to additional reading material:

IODE website:

Ocean Data Interoperability Platform website:


 This meeting will build on the outcomes of the session held at the 2nd RDA plenary. The topics for discussion will include:

  1. Brief overview of the RDA Marine Harmonisation IG charter
  2. Review a review of actions from the previous meeting including an assessment of progress on each activity
    1. Development of IG membership
    2. Activities to promote RDA and the relevant WG/IGs to marine community (including forward planning)
    3. Engagement with other relevant initiatives e.g. ODIP, ODP, RCN Ocean Obs, Belmont Forum, IODP, Copernicus etc.
  3. Links with other RDA IG/WGs: focus and priorities:
    1. Development of an action plan for the RDA Marine Data Harmonisation IG to contribute to the activities of the other IG/WGs
    2. Relevant activities currently underway in other IG/WGs