Profiles for Managing the Long Tail: Presentations from the Dublin Meeting 2014

Current Practices for Managing Long Tail Research Data

At the most recent Interest Group meeting in Dublin on March 28, 2014, the first half of the meeting was devoted to the presentation of profiles of various services for managing long tail data. Each participant was asked to present their service in 5-minutes and respond the the following four questions related to their service:

  1. Name and location of institution/service.
  2. What type of data do you collect and how do you acquire the data?
  3. What services do you provide?
  4. And how do you intend to interoperate with a global ecosystem of research data?

The presentation are all linked below:

External Solutions

  • Dryad (Chris Taylor)
  • Scientific Data (Susanna Sansone)
  • F1000 Research (Varsha Khodiyar)
  • Ubiquity Press (Brian Hole)
  • Zenodo (Tim Smith)

Institutional Profiles

  • California Digital Library / UC3 (Patricia Cruse, Carly Strasser)
  • Oxford (Sally Rumsey)
  • Columbia (Amy L. Nurnberger)
  • N Dame, Northwestern, Indiana, Cincinnati and UVa (Robin Ruggaber)
  • University of Leicester (Jonathan Tedds)

Research Initiatives

  • Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center (Francoise Genova)
  • Integrated Earth Data Applications (Kerstin Lehnert) 
  • SiDORA Smithsonian (Thorny Staples)
  • Scratchpads (Dimitrios Koureas)