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Session at the upcoming RDA plenary

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    Jeff Christiansen

    Hello RDA Global Life Science Data Infrastructures Interest Group members!
    It’s just over 2 weeks until the 20th RDA Plenary.
    A heads up – we are co-hosting a session entitled “Infrastructure
    supporting the FAIR data principles in life science research practice

    with the FAIRsharing WG at the Plenary.
    You can join us either in Gothenburg or on-line
    . We’d love to
    see you there.
    We’ll meet on Tuesday, 21 March 2023 (15:00 – 16:30 UTC – click here to see
    in your time zone
    ) – hope to see you there either in person or online.
    Jeff, Wolmar, Susan and Elisha
    *Session synopsis*
    Leading up to the session, our IG Chairs have surveyed numerous infrastructures
    across our different geographical regions that support digital asset
    management in the life sciences to ascertain which aspects of the research
    data lifecycle each support, and obtain a snapshot of how mature these
    resources are when it comes to enabling the underlying data assets stored
    or produced to be FAIR.
    The survey and the session aims at getting a better understanding of
    different aspects of life science data infrastructures across the
    globe—such as the types of data and communities they support, their
    approaches to adopting the FAIR data principles across the research data
    lifecycle, and the challenges they are looking to solve.
    In the session we will:
    – Get to know each other a bit more
    – Present an overview of the survey described above
    – Hear from a number of speakers from Africa, North America, Europe
    and Australia who operate digital asset management infrastructures that
    support life science research about the challenges they are working
    on to solve on behalf of their user communities
    – Explore how infrastructure solutions support the FAIR principles
    with respect to various types of digital assets – e.g. data, tools,
    – And start to work towards synthesising best practice
    recommendations that can help life science infrastructures better support
    FAIR digital assets and enhance their infrastructure’s FAIR capabilities

    *Jeff Christiansen, PhD *
    Deputy Director
    Associate Director (Engagements and Operations)
    Australian BioCommons
    M: +61 (0) 468 740 880
    *Both my positions are funded by Bioplatforms Australia, The Deputy
    Director role (0.3FTE) is hosted by Melbourne Bioinformatics at the
    University of Melbourne, and the A/Dir Engagements and Operations role
    (0.7FTE) is hosted by QCIF and RCC at the University of Queensland*

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