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RDA the Life Science Data Infrastructures Interest Group and thank you for your participation at RDA

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    Jeff Christiansen

    Dear Colleagues
    Thank you for your interest in the Life Science Data Infrastructures
    Interest Group
    . The
    slides and notes from our recent session in Goteborg can be found here
    In the session we explored (through survey results and short talks) how 15
    existing life science infrastructures based across Europe, USA, Africa and
    Australia support the FAIR principles with respect to various types of
    digital assets – e.g. data, tools, workflows. We also heard about the
    FAIRCookBook as a resource that can help life science infrastructures in
    their FAIRification journey.
    Due to time constraints, an envisaged discussion about key aspects of FAIR
    for infrastructure solutions did not occur and we would like to continue
    this discussion within the Interest Group during our regular meetings. We
    envision that an output of the discussion in our Interest Group will
    be *Guidelines
    for FAIR Improvement *that Life Science Infrastructures anywhere in the
    world can utilize. We are interested in your feedback to continue the
    conversation and to solicit ideas that the IG should focus on beyond the
    Guidelines for FAIR Improvements for LS Infrastructures.
    As a *call-to-action*, please feel free to send us suggestions for other
    infrastructures (and contacts) to continue this FAIR infrastructure survey.
    My email also serves to renew your interest group by going to our Interest
    Group page here and if you
    are no long interested please consider unjoining the IG (so we don’t spam
    you). The IG meets regularly every 4 weeks and are currently scheduled at
    20:00 UTC and we would like to include those interested in the next meeting.
    Again, thank you for your interest and looking forward to working together
    Jeff, Wolmar, Elisha, and Susan

    *Jeff Christiansen, PhD *
    Deputy Director
    Associate Director (Engagements and Operations)
    Australian BioCommons
    M: +61 (0) 468 740 880
    *Both my positions are funded by Bioplatforms Australia, The Deputy
    Director role (0.3FTE) is hosted by Melbourne Bioinformatics at the
    University of Melbourne, and the A/Dir Engagements and Operations role
    (0.7FTE) is hosted by QCIF and RCC at the University of Queensland*

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