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RDA P22 Session: Exploring FAIR for Federated Infrastructures on 15 and 22 May

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    Dear colleague,

    On behalf of the RDA Life Science Data Infrastructures Interest Group, I’m delighted to invite you to our online meetings on the topic Exploring the FAIR requirements for federated infrastructures in the life sciences and beyond hosted at the RDA Plenary Conference on 15th May (22:30–00:00 UTC) and 22nd May (07:00–08:30 UTC). To attend, register for the RDA 22nd Plenary and consider presenting a short pitch to highlight a promising approach or RDA activity (see Call for flash talks below).

    Meeting objectives

    • Showcase approaches for federating infrastructures to enable seamless discovery and insight generated from analyses distributed over regionally dispersed and heterogeneous resources
    • Demonstrate how to leverage the FAIR principles to identify requirements on the federation and the common interfaces across its members
    • Identify opportunities for future work and collaborations across the wider RDA community

    Agenda outline (timings will change)

    • Welcome and introduction to the group / session (5 min)
    • Federated infrastructures: State of the art in the biomolecular life sciences? (40 min)
    • Connecting FAIR data resources and services – What are promising approaches? (20 min)
    • Open discussion: Where do we go from there? (25 minutes)

    Confirmed speakers 15th May (22:30–00:00 UTC)

    • Oliver Hofmann (Melbourne, Australia) and Bernie Pope (Melbourne, Australia) – Exemplar projects that are using existing and upcoming GA4GH standards in the data infrastructure world – globally and in Australia
    • Gareth Price (Brisbane, Australia) – Towards a global harmonised biodata analysis infrastructure – the usegalaxy effort

    Confirmed speakers 22nd May (07:00–08:30 UTC)

    • Takudzwa (Taku) Nyasha Musarurwa (Cape Town, South Africa) – Implementing GA4GH standards for federated data analysis in Africa
    • Björn Grüning (Freiburg, Germany) – [Title to be confirmed / topic: FAIR data analysis for the life science and beyond using the Galaxy platform]
    • Melissa Konopko (Cambridge, England) – [Title to be confirmed / topic: The European 1+ Million Genomes (1+ MG) Framework]

    Call for flash talks

    • Nominate yourself or another participant by reaching out to Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström <> and Jeff Christiansen <> with a) a preliminary title and b) a very brief outline in bullet points of what you would like to present
    • The flash talk is a short pitch to highlight a promising approach or related RDA activity, e.g. an introduction to a problem and solution with and outline of its most prominent features
    • Links to resources where participants can learn more will be added to the collaborative notes and meeting report
    • Ideally less than 5 min, a title slide + 2 content slides added to a shared slide deck

    Kind regards,

    Wolmar Nyberg Åkerström
    NBIS – National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden
    Uppsala University,

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