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RDA Life Sci Data Infrastructure IG at next week’s RDA Plenary

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    Jeff Christiansen

    Hi RDA Life Sci Data Infrastructure IG members!
    A heads up that at next week’s Plenary, we are holding a session entitled Key
    aspects of FAIR for infrastructure solutions in the biomolecular life
    At the last Plenary we saw a wide range of life science data infrastructure
    operators from across Europe, Africa, North America and Australia present
    how their infrastructure supports researchers in adopting the FAIR
    principles with respect to various types of digital assets and the related
    challenges that they face (recording here
    The fully hybrid session next week will continue the exploration the same
    topic, with attendees contributing to the identification of key aspects of
    FAIR for infrastructure solutions in the biomolecular life sciences. *Of
    particular focus will be the data life cycle perspective for digital assets
    and being able to track and enrich assets from one infrastructure to the
    Hope to see you there, whether in person in Salzburg or online.
    *DATE and TIME*
    Breakout Session 6 (Thursday 26 October UTC 12:00 – 13:30 | Austria 14:00 –
    15:30) – click to see in your timezone here
    Jeff (on behalf of the IG co-chairs)

    *Jeff Christiansen, PhD *
    Deputy Director
    Associate Director (Engagements and Operations)
    Australian BioCommons
    M: +61 (0) 468 740 880
    *Both my positions are funded by Bioplatforms Australia, The Deputy
    Director role (0.3FTE) is hosted by Melbourne Bioinformatics at the
    University of Melbourne, and the A/Dir Engagements and Operations role
    (0.7FTE) is hosted by QCIF and RCC at the University of Queensland*

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