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Potential joint session for P10

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    Fotis Psomopoulos

    Dear Chairs of the ELIXIR Bridging Force IG,
    Following up on the Call for Sessions for the upcoming RDA P10
    (, I would like
    to initiate a discussion regarding a potential Joint Session between the
    BioSharing WG and the Data Discovery Paradigms IG (DDPIG –
    Within the overall context of the FAIR (“Findable, Accessible, Interpretable
    and Reusable”) Principle in Research Data , DDPIG focuses in particular on
    the “Findable” aspect of Research Data, providing a forum where
    representatives from across the spectrum of stakeholders and roles
    pertaining to data search can discuss issues related to improving data
    discovery. There are several Task Forces in place under the umbrella
    organization of DDPIG; “Relevancy Ranking”, “Use Cases, Prototyping Tools
    and Test Collections” and “Best Practices for Making Data Findable” have
    been up and running for the past six months, whereas “Metadata Enrichment”
    and “Cataloging Common API’s for Data Query” have just been launched.
    Given that the ELIXIR Bridging Force IG is formed to serve as a bridge
    between ELIXIR and relevant RDA Interest Groups, we believe that a joint
    session between the two groups may provide some interesting insights into
    the data discoverability processes focusing particularly in Life Sciences,
    including best practices for meta-data and relevancy ranking.
    Just as a gentle reminder, the deadline for submissions is this Friday June
    Kind regards,
    Fotis E. Psomopoulos
    (also on behalf of the DDPIG co-chairs)
    Fotis E. Psomopoulos
    Academic Fellow, Software Engineer
    Intelligent Systems and Software Engineering Lab
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    Thessaloniki 54124, Greece
    Phone: +30 2310 99 6349
    Fax : +30 2310 99 6398
    Email: ***@***.***
    Site :

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    As part your work does this IG have 5 or 6 terms to add to the RDA list of defined, termed concepts? Discussion of Data Discovery Paradigms is an example of one area that groups like ELIXIR Bridging Force, BioSharing WG and the Data Discovery Paradigms IG might have something to add to the current RDA effort on data vocabularies.

    See for our data foundations term tool where such things are defined.

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