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This is the main wiki page for the RDA Libraries for Research Data (L4RD) Interest Group.

Chairs: Andi Ogier, Birgit Schmidt, Juliane Schneider, Marta Teperek

Former chairs: Wolfram Horstmann, Kathleen Shearer, Michael Witt

12th Plenary RDA Meeting, L4RD Interest Group - Gaborone P12

1. Welcome & rounds of introductions

2. Project updates:

  • Engaging researchers with research data - Marta Teperek
  • 10 FAIR Things - Juliane Schneider
  • FAIR Workshop Exercises - Juliane Schneider

3. Discussion and brainstorming about the projects

4. Closing; Next Steps

Eleventh Plenary RDA Meeting, L4RD Interest Group - Berlin P11

  • Programme
  • Slides
  • Session notes
  • c 60 participants
  • 1. Welcome & Introductory remarks, introducing the new co-chairs
  • 2. Views on how to work with disciplinary communities
    • Chris Erdmann / Liz Lyon - Outcomes of study on data science in libraries
    • Marta Teperek, TU Delft - Data Stewards/Champions
    • Natasha Simons, ANDS
    • Irena Vipavc, CESSDA
  • 3. Discussion and brainstorming on next steps for the IG
    • Updating/amending 23 Things
    • Strategies for communication/collaboration with disciplinary groups
    • Brainstorming future IG meeting/webinar topics
    • Other topics?
  • 4. Summaries

5. Closing; Next Steps

Tenth Plenary RDA Meeting, L4RD Interest Group - Montréal P10

  • Programme
  • Slides (PPT | PDF)
  • 61 participants
  • Introduction to the L4RD group - Michael Witt
  • The Realities of Research Data Management  - Lorcan Dempsey
  • Panel - moderated by Birgit Schmidt
    • Mapping the Maturity of Research Data Services - Liz Lyon
    • Research Infrastructure Self-Evaluation (RISE): A Lightweight Approach to Self-assessing Your Institution’s Research Data Service Capabilities - Angus Whyte
    • Self Assessment of Research Data Services and 4TU.Centre for Research Data Services with RISE - Wilma Van Wezenbeek
  • Discussion - moderated by Andi Ogier
  • Library Carpentry - John Chodaki

Ninth Plenary RDA Meeting, L4RD Interest Group - Barcelona P9

  • Programme
  • Slides
  • Meeting notes
  • 91 participants
  • Introduction to the L4RD group - Kathleen Shearer
  • Lightning talks - moderated by Wolfram Horstmann
    • Monica Lassi, Lund University Library, Sweden
    • Mariëtte van Selm, University Library, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Fieke Schoots, Leiden University Libraries, Netherlands
    • Angelina Kraft, German National Library of Science and Technology, Germany
    • Malcolm Wolski, Griffith University, Australia
    • Amy Nurnberger, Columbia University, United States
  • New Chair Election Results and Conclusion - Michael Witt

Eighth Plenary RDA Meeting, L4RD Interest Group - Denver P8

Seventh Plenary RDA Meeting, L4RD Interest Group - Tokyo P7

  • Programme - Applying Global Information-sharing and Collaboration in Libraries to Local Practice
  • Meeting minutes
  • Slides
  • Brief introduction to L4RD and overview of group activities to date
  • 23 Things: Libraries for Research Data
    • Michael Witt, Purdue University, USA - handout: English, 日本の

    • Jane Frazier, Australian National Data Service, Australia - website

  • Panel: “Asia-Pacific Trends in Libraries and Research Data” (45 min)

    • Panel chairs: Kazutsuna Yamaji, National Institute of Informatics, Japan & Wolfram Horstmann, University of Göttingen, Germany

      • Yasuyuki Minamiyama, Librarian, National Institute of Polar Research, Japan

      • Suntae Kim, Senior Researcher/Data Scientist, Scientific Data Strategy Lab, KISTI Scientific Data Research Center, South Korea

      • Kostas Repanas, Head, Office of Science Communications & Open Archives @ Agency for Science, Technology & Research - A*STAR, Singapore

  • Organizational roadmap for adopting RDM services: review and feedback of outline - Kathleen Shearer, Confederation of Open Access Repositories

  • Organizational Models for Libraries Providing Data Services - Cheryl Thompson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

  • Closing remarks


Sixth Plenary RDA Meeting, L4RD Interest Group - Paris P6

Fifth Plenary RDA Meeting, L4RD Interest Group - San Diego P5

Fourth Plenary RDA Meeting, Libraries BoF - Amsterdam P4

Third Plenary RDA Meeting, Libraries BoF - Dublin P3

Second Plenary RDA Meeting, Libraries BoF - Washington D.C. P2

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