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DataCite APAC Expert Group – Call for members

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    Natasha Simons

    Dear L4RD members,
    [With thanks to co-chairs for allowing us to post this invitation]
    DataCite is a leading global non-profit organization that provides persistent identifiers (DOIs) for research data and other research outputs. Its goal is to help the research community locate, identify, and cite research data with confidence. To achieve this goal, DataCite:

    supports the creation and allocation of DOIs and accompanying metadata. 
    provides services that support the enhanced search and discovery of research content. 
    promotes data citation and advocacy through our community-building efforts and responsive communication and outreach materials. 

    To assist in community outreach, DataCite has a Community Engagement Steering Group (CESG) with additional regional groups in the Americas, EMEA and in the Asia-Pacific region. The CESG is responsible for identifying outreach needs for the DataCite community, including current and potential DataCite members as well as the broader research community. This includes: monitoring and assessing community needs and providing feedback on DataCite’s priorities and services; recommending strategies and tools to communicate about DataCite’s services, features, and plans; helping to build relationships, cultivate discussions and promote collaboration among the DataCite community; and involvement in DataCite’s annual meetings. 
    Current members of the regional Asia-Pacific (APAC) group are listed on the DataCite website here and include representatives from Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. We are very keen to expand the group to include more representatives from the region.
    Anyone who works for an organization that is a member of DataCite or collaborates with DataCite can nominate someone to be on the APAC Expert Group. This is a volunteer role. The APAC Expert Group meets on a quarterly basis and the time commitment is approximately 2-3 hours per quarter (3 months). Our discussions to date have been very interesting and relevant to improving the FAIRness of research data, including how to increase the identification, linking and citation of research data and how to create better cohesion between the various DOI registration agencies in the region.
    If you are interested in this role, please email us with a brief bio, a link to your ORCID record (if possible) and a few sentences about your interest in the role. Contact details:
    Natasha Simons (Co-chair, DataCite CESG APAC) 
    Helena Cousijn (Community Engagement Director, DataCite)  

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