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Additional session added: Increasing Awareness of Open Science at Your Research Institution

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    *If you missed the COS webinar on our services for open research at
    institutions, we are doing an additional session, Tuesday, August 15th,
    at 1:00 pm Eastern. See below for registration details
    The Center for Open Science (COS) invites you to join us for “Increasing
    Awareness of Open Science at Your Research Institution”
    on Tuesday, August 15th, at 1:00 PM eastern.
    In this webinar, product specialists from the Center for Open Science
    (COS) will discuss the free, open-source software platform Open Science
    Framework (OSF) and the specialized suite of tools that we offer
    academic institutions for more visibility into and support of their
    community’s open scholarship practices. We welcome librarians and
    research administrators to join us in exploring how OSF Institutions
    might be a helpful tool for your research community. Whether you are a
    researcher, librarian, journal editor, funder, policymaker, journalist,
    university administrator, or general supporter of research, COS is here
    to support your involvement in open scholarship. To scale adoption of
    open practices by researchers, COS provides open software infrastructure
    that makes it possible to engage in open science.
    This webinar is intended for anyone interested in promoting open science
    and open scholarship at their organization or academic institution.
    Register now to join us this Tuesday:

    Gretchen Gueguen
    Product Owner
    Center for Open Science / Open Science Framework

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