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Virtual RDA Plenary 15 Session, 19 March Thursday 8:00 – 9.30 UTC PM

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    Barbara Magagna

    Dear all,
    as announced we will have our virtual RDA Plenary 15 working session tomorrow, 19 March Thursday 8:00 pm UTC – 9:30 pm UTC: Check the event time in your time zone
    Please use this link to join the telco:
    Everyone who wants to join the meeting should register using this link.
    Please have a look at the agenda here:
    We will use this google doc for collaborative notes:
    Looking forward to meet many of you tomorrow.
    Barbara, on behalf of the co-chairs of I-ADOPT WG
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    Betreff: Virtual RDA Plenary 15 Session
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    Dear all,
    as you all perceive these days nothing is the way as it was a few weeks ago. RDA Plenary 15 is cancelled. But it is possible to have a virtual session instead with the very same agenda as planned.
    After talking with all speakers this virtual meeting will take place 19 March Thursday 8:00 – 9.30 UTC PM (or as we are used to communicate 21:00-22:30 CET). Details on the connections will follow soon.
    The agenda will include four presentations:
    · S. Guru – Why FAIR observable-property vocabularies?
    · A. Devaraju – Task 1 – user stories and derived use cases
    · G. Moncoiffe – Task 2 – annotation practices – observable property models and terminologies in use (deliverable 1)
    · Simon Cox – Task 3 – requirements – first draft
    In between we will have structured discussions.
    We really hope that many of you will join this session because we think this time slot should enable to participate from Europe, Australia and America, although we are aware that these are unusual working hours.
    Take care!
    Barbara on behalf of the I-ADOPT co-chairs

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    Karen Payne

    Hi Barbara, can you point me to a recording of this sesssion online? Sorry I missed it, Karen

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    Karen Payne

    Hi Barbara, can you point me to a recording of this sesssion online? Sorry I missed it, Karen

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