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Updates regarding Case Statement and Work Plan

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    Barbara Magagna

    Hi all,
    there are two issues that I want to highlight.
    1. There was a main concern expressed by Michael Diepenbroek. He thinks we won‘t be able to develop an interoperability framework without fundings.
    Well I must admit that this term is not well defined and could be interpreted differently. What is meant here is a conceptual framework, not a technical implementation. Also Interoperability Framework is a term used in the KOINE proposal, which might be resubmitted and we don’t want to use this outside that consortium. So I would suggest to use instead: conceptual framework for interoperable observable property terminology. I hope you can agree. If you have strong arguments against this term please write back to me with a better suggestion to be used in the case statement preferrably before midnight (CEST) this eveining, but at latest by tomorrow 10:00.
    2. I am revising the work plan and templates for collecting user stories and semantic representations till Thursday 24 Oct, please check this document, if you want to contribute and review:
    Best regards,
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    It is correct that implementation would be hard without funding but
    changing the title to contain the word conceptual is indeed a downgrade
    that directly tells the reader that the outcome is nothing especial nor
    usable. Also, even if the project gets funding or implements the concepts
    the title would still conceptual.
    My suggestion is that the title should formulate the long-term aim. The
    content of the case statement can clarify the strategy that can be multiple
    stages like conceptual design, implementation, etc.
    Have a nice time in Helsinky,
    On Sun, Oct 20, 2019, 08:55 mabablue via InteroperAble Descriptions of
    Observable Property Terminology WG (I-ADOPT WG)

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