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[idw] International Data Forum

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    Please forgive the numerous typos. I think some keys on my keyboard are getting pretty old!
    Dear Christine:
    We are about to publish the program for the International Data Forum. Thank your for your participation in the session on Data Stories. As moderator I will introduce you, and am planning be default to draw information from your web page, unless you have a preference for a different summary. (This will be short 1 minute max, so that most of the time available is spent on the actual presentation and Q&A.)
    There will be a projection system. I think the safest way to deal with that is for you to come with a thumb drive that we can load up and test beforehand … perhaps we can use the lunch period preceding the session. Alternatively, if you have comforatable with sharing you presentation ahead of time by email or Dopbox, I could load it and test it ahead of time.
    By the way: Have you selected a title that I can place into the program.
    Looking forward to it… It should be exciting!
    Best regards,

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