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[idw] [idw] International Data Forum

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    Dear Christine: (Hopefully this contains much fewer typos and double words! Apologies for the sloppy earlier email!)
    We are about to publish the program for the International Data Forum. Thank you for your participation in the session on Data Stories. As moderator I will introduce you, and am planning by default to draw information from your web page, unless you have a preference for a different summary. (This will be short, 1 minute max, so that most of the time available is spent on the actual presentation and Q&A.)
    There will be a projection system, should you want to show slides. I think the safest way to deal with that is for you to come with a thumb drive that we can load up and test beforehand … perhaps we can use the lunch period preceding the session. Alternatively, if you are comfortable with sharing your presentation ahead of time by email or Dropbox, I could load it and test it.
    By the way: Have you selected a title that I can place into the program.
    Looking forward to it… It should be exciting!
    Best regards,

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    Thanks, Christine.
    Great title.
    I will use your bio summary
    we can test the slides ahead of time
    15 minutes is a good target. I am thinking that Q&A should be lumped at the end of the session in order to limit the brou-ha-ha of moving from one talk to another.

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