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FW: [idw] IDW assessment

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    Lynn Yarmey

    Hi all,
    Here is the assessment of the first IDW regarding the CODATA/WDS partnerships and RDA value.
    On 10/11/16, 7:34 AM, “parsom3=***@***.*** on behalf of Mark Parsons”
    Hi IDW folks,
    Attached is a first draft of an assessment report for IDW. I’m still waiting for some more of the quantitative numbers and I would like to consider things a bit more closely, but I don’t think the results of the analysis would change significantly. I’ve put as much into this as I am willing to at this point. Please comment and edit at will (Sorry for doing it in Word. I have had lousy internet connections for the last two weeks.)
    One important missing component is feedback from our sponsors.
    Bottom line is that we should do it again, but we ned to think carefully about how, when, and where.
    Unfortunately, I will miss the call tomorrow, but I hope this report helps guide the discussion.


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