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Establishment of a Group of Friends on Science for Action at the United Nations

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    Suchith Anand

    Dear colleagues,
    As the world faces urgent and interconnected challenges, there is a need for a stronger and more agile interface between science, policy, and society to inform decision-making and steer action towards desired outcomes.
    To that end, Belgium, India, and South Africa announced the launch of the Group of Friends on Science for Action at the Briefing of the General Assembly on Science-Based Evidence in Support of Sustainable Solutions and stated that the International Science Council will support the Group. The Group is co-chaired by Belgium, India, and South Africa and all UN Member States have been invited to join it. Several additional Member States have already expressed their interest in joining the Group, following a note verbale by the founding countries.
    The establishment of this Group supporting science and actionable knowledge provides an important and complementary impetus to ongoing efforts to build a stronger role of science in decision-making at the global level.
    The International Science Council will mobilize its global membership of national academies, international scientific unions and associations and international scientific networks across the natural and social sciences to catalyse and convene scientific expertise and advice on major issues of concern to both science and society and provide scientific and technical support for the deliberations and initiatives of the Group of Friends.
    More details at
    Best wishes
    Dr Suchith Anand
    Senior Adviser to Governments and International Organisations | Scientist | Board member | Governance | Policy | Consultant in Data Science and Data Ethics | Global Citizen | SDG Volunteer and Advocate

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