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RDA IGAD Meet-and-Greet

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    The Improving Global Agricultural Data Community of Practice is pleased to offer our members a Research Data Alliance meet-and-greet session prior to next month’s Plenary. We have arranged for co-chairs from several working groups and interest groups to speak with our members virtually on Wednesday September 20, 13:00 to 14:30 UTC
    Please register here:
    Get a preview of what you’ll find at the upcoming RDA Plenary 21 (Next Plenary | RDA ( These groups will want to hear your perspectives and agricultural use cases. If you like what you hear you can attend the Plenary to get involved!
    Current Speakers and groups:

    Shelley Stall ESIP/RDA Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences IG
    Shelley Stall Complex Citations Working Group
    Iratxe Puebla & Ian Bruno Data Usage Metrics WG
    Kerstin Lehnert Physical Samples and Collections in the Research Data Ecosystem IG
    Kerstin Lehnert Domain Repositories IG
    Please join us!

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