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Invitation to join us at the IG for Surveying Open Data Practices session at the 14th RDA in Helsinki

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    Ingeborg Meijer

    Dear all,
    The 14th RDA Plenary is coming up soon. We are having a session there focusing on:
    –          The Suave Tool to store surveys, and discussion on how to use them and benefit from each other (including internal feedback) – followed by discussion
    –          Geographical distribution and African perspective – followed by discussion
    –          User perspective: policy and funder relevance – interaction with the audience to collect feedback
    On our IG page ( you can also find materials from our session in Gaborone.
    If you have any questions or suggestions to adress in our session, do not hesitate to drop us a not.
    Looking forward to meeting you in a month,
    kind regards
    On behalf of David, Fede and Kaz,

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    The agenda for our session is ready: see invitation attached, including the link to the suave tool with the survey data to play with!

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