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Repository features across initiatives: looking for convergence

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    Session agenda:

    Introduction to the session – 5 min

    Lightning talks – 30min (5min each – using a common template)

    Publisher features – Matt Cannon, Taylor & Francis; and Chris Graf, Wiley

    TRUST – Dawei Lin, NIH

    ELIXIR – Sirarat Sarntivijai, ELIXIR

    NIH –  Jerry Sheehan, NIH NLM

    COAR – Kathleen Shearer, COAR

    CTS – TBC

    Mentimeter questions and interaction with the audience – 10min

    Panel discussion with speakers – What convergence can look like? – 40min

    Final remarks – 5 min

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    Publisher features 






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    Research Funders and Stakeholders on Open Research and Data Management Policies and Practices IG

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    Repository Platforms for Research Data IG

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    Peter McQuilton

    Meeting objectives
    Although the Core Trust Seal certification is being widely recommended, there are still a number of initiatives that have defined criteria and features to: (i) guide the selection of repositories, based on trustworthiness and FAIRness, or (ii) define good practices for the assist repositories to evaluate and improve their current operations. This is due to a number of stakeholders (including repositories alliances, funders, scholarly publishers, and research infrastructures) working within their own community, and tackling the challenge from their own view point.  The objective of this session, proposed by the RDA/Force11 FAIRsharing WG, is to bring together representatives of the TRUST, COAR, NIH, ELIXIR initiatives, alongside the group of scholarly publishers working on defining a common set of repository features. The session will provide an introduction and overview of these different initiatives and lay the foundation for convergence on a common set of features, clarify how these align to or complement CTS.
    The  session will consist of a brief overview of each initiative, followed by an interactive panel session with a series of questions, directed towards convergence.

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