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Work on FAIR DO profiles (steady exchange)

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    This document shall be a list of profiles that are being worked on. The idea is to have a steady, asynchonously ongoing discussion and exchange about the design of profiles. This wiki page is likely a temporary solution. To drive the discussion, add your comments into the discussion sections to the according profile or to the comments to this page for general questions.


    1. Create an overview about work on profiles.
    2. Enable open discussions about those profiles.

    General Notes

    This section might contain some general information i.e. about the available registries for the profile list below. Feel free to edit.

    Profiles list

    RecommendedKernelInformationProfile (contact: Ulrich Schwardmann)

    This profile is defined according to the Kernel Information Profile (KIP) Recommendation. You can scroll down to the list of properties to see the fields that are allowed in this record.


    • (Andreas Pfeil) The dateCreated and dateModified properties have different requirements about the format of the date string. I would recommend to use always the same format if feasible.

    Testbed4inf-Profile (contact: Andreas Pfeil)

    This profile is inspired by the Kernel Information Profile Recommendations and built using the same system as the profile above. It is used in a FAIR DO test environment (testbed). It contains a few changes:

    • date format strings are now the same
    • possibility to refer to metadata FAIR DOs, which might use the same or another profile
    • collection API support is being worked on, but will likely end in another profile.


    • (Your name) add your comment here.


    Helmholtz Kernel Information Profile (contact: Andreas Pfeil, Thomas Jejkal)

    Collaborative working spreadsheet (read-only)

    Realization in a Data Type Registry (work in progress)

    The goal of this profile is to be generic and can be understood as an extended recommendation. This profile is being developed as a part of the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration Platform by the Helmholtz Association. The link is a collaboratively created spread sheet which does not represent our version 1.0 being released soon, but might give interesting insights. Version 1.0 will be elaborated in practical use cases in 2022+ and will very likely receive updated versions. A guidance document introducing version 1.0 will be released soon.


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