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Meeting Notes Chairs Meeting 5-January-2017

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    Present: Peter, Bridget, JianHui, Tobias

    Action Items:

    • P9 Session requests:
      • Peter to submit requests for Core session, PID Challenges BOF, DFIG Recommendations
      • Bridget to submit joint session request for DFIG/Education and Training
      • Tobias to submit request for PID Kernel subgroup/WG
    • P9 Session Planning – each person chairing a session is responsible for organizing and preparing the agenda.  Aim to have first drafts by next DFIG chairs meeting in February:
      • Bridget will chair the Core Session
      • Peter will chair the PID Challenges BOF (with Tobias if possible) and DFIG Recommendations
      • Tobias will chair the PID Kernel session (with Beth)
    • All to supply availability for next DFIG chairs meeting at
    • Bridget to follow up with Alex Hardisty (and possibly others – Maggie Helstrom, Keith Jeffries?) about use of ENVRI Plus methodology to represent DFIG core components and use cases
    • Peter to send out Recommendations document for feedback
    • Bridget to make progress on white paper with Data Publishing workflows
    • Peter to initiate work on updated DFIG white paper (pulling from various other documents)
    • Peter to inform TAB that Repository Registration WG is on hold pending finding new co-chairs and discussions in Barcelona
    • Bridget will take on responsibility for organizing the group through the next Plenary – we now rotate this between the chairs on at least a quarterly schedule.
    • All to continue to work on cleaning up the DFIG pages on the RDA website

    Reporting on Activities/Other Issues:

    • Peter will be sending the “Recommendations for Implementing a Virtual Layer for Management of the Complete Life Cycle of Scientific Data” around to EU (and possibly US) funders with the aim of organizing a workshop to gather feedback and consensus
    • GEDE work is proceeding (Aspects of PID Usage Discussion Document shows progress) and is nearing the stage of forming an official “charrette” – will continue via the  PID Challenges BOF in Barcelona
    • Tobias raises the point that we are lacking concerted effort on solving challenges of Governance of the proposed Virtual Resource Layer.  Issues around legal and financial responsibility, etc. will need to be tackled. We will raise this as in issue in our core session in Barcelona. We should also look at other related efforts, such as the RDA Brokering Governance outcomes, etc.
    • PID Kernel subgroup activity is proceeding with progress being made on defining profiles – this is leading to WG formation. At this point it seems unlikely we will settle on a single profile.
    • Bridget raises the need to include training and education in DFIG activities – this is the point of the joint session with the Training and Education IG group in Barcelona. Need to push for workshops and training, maybe following the model and leveraging the work of the EU Summer/Winter schools, but on a more global scale.

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