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Meeting Notes Chairs Meeting 1 June 2017

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    Feel free to extend as needed.

    Action TW (days): contact Jens Klump on Versioning IG status and possible joint session
    Action TW (days): Send draft slides for Gothenburg around
    Action TW (weeks): Take a shot at the 2 documents
    Action all: Prepare various session drafts
    Action Bridget: Edit the 2 docs into one recommendation doc; possible VC with DF members last week of June/first week of July


    P10 Session planning – until June 16!:

    • Main Data Fabric IG session:
      • Discussion of recommendations document
    • Joint DF / Versioning IG session:
      • Tobias to contact Jens
    • Possibly separate session on RPID testbed
      • Bridget/Beth/Larry to decide
      • encourage global testbed idea


    Gothenburg slides – Status:

    • RPID testbed
    • Plan for making a recommendation based on previous documents – conference call and P10 discussion


    Gothenburg slides – Future plans:

    • further work on components – the flat list is too long; instead, we should come up with ‘connected components’ examples, and a systematic description of the components, including: scope, role, interfaces, status of interface specs, status of implementations, relation with layers, governance issues
    • further conceptualization of layering and roles; this is not about making agreements, but about observing applicability in various scenarios and eventually adapting the model to the observations

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