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    Rainer Stotzka

    FAIR DO tools:


    Tool name



    • Ready for use
    • In development
    • Proposed



    Metadata Standards Catalogue

    Listing (and finding) existing standards to increase interoperability.

    Ready for use

    Alex Ball


    Data Curators / Organizers, People defining standards

    FAIR DO Cookbook

    List of recipes how to create / use FAIR DOs


    • First version: Ready for use

    In development

    Thomas Jejkal



    (Target Group Definition)


    People who want to apply FAIR DO concept to their data

    Typed PID Maker

    Create, resolve and update PIDs with validated PID Records (using Profiles) or validate PID records manually (Profile Validator).

    Ready for use

    Andreas Pfeil,

    Software Developers, Same as FAIR DO Cookbook


    Digital Object Repository

    Ready for use

    CNRI ( DiSSCo Implementation:


    DiSSCo Translator Service

    Collecting data from different sources and formats and creating Digital Objects in Cordra

    In development


    OpenRefine to cordra upload

    Ingest data in OpenRefine and create Digital Objects in Cordra

    In development


    Type registry

    Registry of proposed and working types

    Ready for use, but needs agreements on standards and best practices – in development by FDO


    FAIR DO Finder / Browser

    Search FAIR DOs and browse them (view and follow connections between them etc)


    Andreas Pfeil

    Scientists searching for or exploring FAIR DOs

    FAIR DO Manufacturer

    Graphical UI for creating FAIR DOs based on a profile


    Andreas / Rainer


    FAIR DO Validator

    Validates the content of an information record


    Andreas / Rainer


    FAIR DO Reader

    Acts as a client, interprets the contents of a FAIR DO and provides information to analysis 




    PID registry

    Holds (some) regular expressions for validating PIDs


    Joakim Ph.

    Data managers / curators,


    Metadata experts

    “A curated, informative and educational resource on data and metadata standards, inter-related to databases and data policies.”

    Ready for use

    Data repository managers, data producing organisations’ developers +, metadata & semantics experts

    Open Digital Specimen RDF(Resource Description Framework) Validator

    This project provides a node.js-based micro service for semantic RDF validation of jsonld data against a defined schema based on the Digital Specimen  ontology. Digital Specimen is a type of FDO.

    In development

















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