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Denver Plenary

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    Here we present the report from the DFIG sessions at the Denver Plenary.

    First we list the major outcomes of the various sessions. More can be found in the detailed report attached to this page.

    We are also adding two documents that have a close relation with the DFIG topics: (1) a note about the Global Digital Object Cloud to give an impulse to the discussions and (2) a report from a recennt RDA Europe meeting on PID Systems.

    Please comment of you have questions, additions etc.

    Major Results

    • Breakout 1: Discussion about Guidelines/Recommendations
      • approach has been confirmed
      • emails with concrete steps to start interactions will follow asap
    • Breakout 2: configuration building and Minimal PID Types
      • persons to participate in the analysis to come to minimal PID information types (metadata) have been identified
      • the concrete work will be started asap
    • Breakout 4: DFIG Core Session
      • 2 new co-chairs
      • action lines and current foci are confirmed
      • work on Global Digital Object Cloud will be intensified
      • Repository Registry case statement to be renewed and campaign needs to be started to find interested parties worldwide
      • link to brokering to be intensified
    • Breakout 5: Joint session with Brokering Group
      • workshop to be planned with active communities to identify areas of heterogeneity
      • a short-term action towards a small start-up project will be sketched
    • Breakout 7: Joint meeting with Publishing Data Workflows
      • creation of joint statements to continue bridge building
    • Joint BoF with Geo
      • planning a joint workshop about the value chain (data -> knowledge), usefulness of current RDA outputs and focus of a possible RDA group


    Uploaded are also all the Slides sets for the DFIG sessions. Missing will be added stepwise.

















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