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Version 0.6 final review stage

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    CJ Woodford

    Hello everyone,
    We are entering the last month and a half before we submit our final deliverables for a formal community request for comment through RDA on September 14th. Between now and the beginning of September, our task groups will be doing a guided review of the entire model. Members of the GORC-WG are encouraged to participate as well, since this will be the last opportunity to influence the model before the request for comment.
    There are two ways that you can review and leave feedback on the model. You can comment on the version 0.6 in its spreadsheet format, and/or leave suggestions and comments on the MURAL workspace which shows a visual representation of a short-form of the model. If you use the MURAL workspace, please start by reading the “Read Me”. We have also created an intro video for the workspace to help get you started. You can access the workspace as a viewer, and when you are ready to start leaving comments, please email me for the access credentials.
    Note that the workspace is showing a short-form of the model in an attempt to provide a visual representation. You are encouraged to refer to version 0.6 in its spreadsheet format as you review.

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