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Request for participation in RDA/EOSC-Future workshop planning

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    CJ Woodford

    Hello everyone,
    Please note that we have submitted a proposal for P20 as part of RDA20 in Gothenburg, Sweden, March 21-23 2023. You can view the proposal here:
    Additionally, we have been invited by the RDA Secretariat to plan and present at the RDA/EOSC-Future workshop on March 20, 2023, taking place just before RDA20. This event will focus on the practical implementation aspects around research commons. The opening panel session will discuss diverse global perspectives in approaches to implementation, and will examine several themes and challenges in assembling the main features of such research commons. The second part of the event will focus on how to implement these challenges from the bottom-up, showcasing examples of how RDA’s diverse data community are tackling challenges, for example in the EOSC Future context. Topics will cover practical aspects of implementation such as Interoperability, Discoverability and Upskilling.
    All working group members interested in helping with the programming, selecting topics, and/or presenting are invited to contact Karen at by October 6, 2022. We will schedule a meeting between interested working group members after this date to discuss the purpose and direction of this workshop.

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    CJ Woodford

    Hi folks, Please don’t forget to contact Karen at ***@***.*** by October 6 if you are interested in helping plan the RDA/EOSC-Future event on March 20, 2023! Sincerely CJ 

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