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Group Meetings

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    CJ Woodford

    We can’t update posts that were imported from the old site, so please note that we have a new zoom link for meetings and that you can reach me at!

    Unless the format changes, I’ll add a post per meeting in the wiki with meeting content and relevant links, as well as a group post with the outcomes.

    • Date: 27-06-2024
    • Type: WG
    • Topic: Working Meeting (submission of model for recommendation, outcomes and discussion on P22, immediate and current avenues of work: model profiles and slices, model mappings and connections, adoption and feedback support, model containers/visualization)
    • Speakers: CJ Woodford, Javier L Albacete, Lautaro Matas
    • Documents: Rolling notes (google doc), Slides (Google presentation, also attached)
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