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Collaboration Spaces

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    CJ Woodford

    Rolling meeting notes

    Rolling notes of all GORC-WG meetings, including RDA plenaries and our speaker series. Links to the slides and recording of each meeting is also included.


    Martyr Doc

    Summaries of our speaker series, methodology for model creation, and existing draft deliverables and outputs are documented here. It is expected that at least one narrative output will stem from the work captured in this document, as well as a final repo


    TG Google Folder

    Working and storage space for all documents relating to the task groups and their evaluations. Each TG has a folder which contains their meeting rolling notes, while the main folder contains documents capturing general TG notes and discussion points for GORC-WG consideration.


    Zotero Collection of Documents to Review

    GORC International Model WG Library

    This library holds documentation we have encountered that may be relevant to deliverables and the deliverables of the GORC-IG.

    Reviewing these documents and resources is an ongoing process that is happening in stages. Anything tagged as a “Key Resource” has been fully reviewed. Where possible, notes contain information on who added the document and if it has been reviewed.

    Staging spreadsheet for documents to include in WG Library


    Database Models and Data Entry Forms

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