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Call to join task groups and summary of P20

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    CJ Woodford

    Hello everyone,
    Firstly, thank you to everyone who attended our P20 events online and in-person. The GORC-WG started the week by presenting at the EOSC-Future co-located event on Monday 20 March, followed by our P20 breakout session on Tuesday afternoon and wrapping up with a very lively workshop on Friday 24 March. All of the recordings, notes, and slides for our breakout session and workshop are on our group meetings wiki. There is also a summary article and recording of the EOSC-Future event available.
    We are in the process of wrapping up outputs from our workshop, and we expect to have some intermediary deliverables to share by or just after our meeting next week on 27 April 2023 where we will hear from Bianca Amaro on behalf of IBICT in Brazil. Please join us if you can!
    Last but not least, with the wrap-up of out phase 1 evaluation this month, we will be starting our phase 2 evaluation of our commons attribute model in May 2023. We are keeping the task group format, and are calling for anyone interested in being a part of this work in phase 2 to sign up through our task group sign up form by 27 April 2023: . In phase 2, there will be 6 task groups instead of 5, and we hope to have at least 2 people in each. You can see a summary of the timeline and work ahead for the task groups between May and October 2023 on our task group wiki.
    Please do not hesistate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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