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22 February, 2024 GORC-WG meeting

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    CJ Woodford

    Hi everyone,  
    At our meeting this Thursday, 22 February, 2024 at 13:00 UTC, we will be hearing about how adoption of the GORC IM V1.0 is going for 3 different organizations that we’ve been working with over the past few months: SURF, ELIXIR, and REASON (proposed infrastructure). This will be the first time adoption of the model will be discussed more broadly, so please consider attending if you’re curious how it’s going! Note that the model V1.0 is also available as a google doc if you’d like to leave comments directly for V2.0 consideration.
    If there’s time, we’ll also talk about some of the new GORC working groups that are on the horizon and whether to put our current GORC IM WG in maintenance mode or extend it. The GORC umbrella is growing, and I think there’s something for everyone across the proposed three working groups: GORC IM WG (maintenance mode or extension), Health Data Commons GORC profile WG (see the proposed BoF and case statement!), and GORC Maturity Model (case statement in development, let me know if you’re interested!).
    You can join the call here:

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