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[Session Notice] FAIR for Virtual Research Environments (FAIR4VREs) WG Plenary session on 21st June at 02:30 UTC.

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    Dear GORC members,
    At the upcoming RDA Plenary 19, the FAIR for Virtual Research Environments
    (FAIR4VREs) WG
    (under the umbrella of the Virtual Research Environments IG
    ) is undertaking an
    analysis of gaps in applying existing FAIR principles to VREs, and wishes
    to gain feedback from VRE users and developers. The session
    is scheduled on the *21st June at 02:30 UTC*.
    The working group has identified commonalities and differences in the
    application of FAIR to VREs based on a preliminary analysis of existing
    high-level principles as applied to data and software
    . The issues that need to be addressed
    in defining FAIR for VREs have been outlined, and these are the key
    questions around which we wish to engage the community at the Plenary.
    The working group also wishes to crowdsource case studies on how VREs
    contribute to FAIRness of other digital objects and examples of guidance
    Scheduled agenda is:
    0-10 min: Presentation of the draft analysis of gaps in applying existing
    FAIR principles to VREs
    10-50 min: Panel discussion on the challenges of implementing VREs that
    enable FAIR digital objects
    50-70 min: Open discussion on the draft gap analysis and call for case
    studies of FAIR and FAIR-enabling VREs, and examples of guidance materials
    for VRE developers
    70-90 min: Review the timeline of future work packages
    If you are involved in VREs as a user or developer the FAIRE4VREs WG would
    appreciate your input at the session.
    Kind regards

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