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Request for input on open science challenges and opportunities (ISOSC request)

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    CJ Woodford

    Hello everyone, 
    The GORC IG and WG have been invited to participate in the International Symposium on Open Science Clouds (ISOSC), happening in Beijing, China, as well as online from September 4th – 6th, 2023. We will be presenting in two separate sessions on the methodology and status of our deliverables as well as what we have found regarding open science policy and governance.
    Andrew Treloar and I are also working with the organizers of ISOSC and other interested speakers to create a report that will be the main output of the symposium, addressing open science challenges and opportunities in the arenas of governance & policy and infrastructure & technology. The ISOSC organizers are interested in gathering ideas from the broader community, and we encourage you to submit your thoughts and ideas through this form: 
    Considering all of the work done on the GORC IG definitions and the GORC WG model, we have found it helpful to think of open science challenges and opportunities in terms of the essential elements defined in the GORC IG Typology and Definitions: governance & policy capturing Governance & Leadership, Rules of Participation & Access, Sustainability, Engagement, Human Capacity, Interoperability, and Standards & Conventions; infrastructure & technology capturing ICT Infrastructure, Services & Tools, Research Objects, Interoperability, and Standards & Conventions. In other words, governance & policy address the human considerations of our model in addition to the central piece of interoperability and standards, and infrastructure & technology address the technical considerations of our model in addition to the central piece of interoperability and standards.
    It is our understanding that the form will remain open for one week after ISOSC, but I encourage you to engage before ISOSC if possible.

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