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UK aid worth nearly £2.3 billion to India sparks heated debate amid Chandrayaan-3 triumph

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    Suchith Anand

    Dear colleagues,
    The definitive discovery of water on the Moon came in 2008, when Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched theChandrayaan-1 spacecraft to lunar orbit in October 22, 2008. Chandrayaan-1 carried with it a NASA-provided science instrument called the Moon Mineralogical Mapper (M3) that observed how the surface absorbed infrared light. Using this data M3 determined that previously suspected water molecules were ice inside the Moon’s polar craters. Details at
    On 23rd August 2023 ISRO’sChandrayaan-3’s lander touched down on the lunar surface, making India the first country to successfully land a spacecraft near the Moon’s south pole. Scientists have deployed a rover to send images and data back to Earth. This success belongs to all of humanity and it will help moon missions by other countries in the future. 
    India’s space journey is an epic tale of ingenuity and resourcefulness. Starting with a budget of less than $4M for its first satellite in 1975, ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation has made India a space power on a shoestring budget, achieving monumental feats like landing near the Moon’s south pole for around $70 Million.
    But looks like some UK media are not happy with India’s success. The success of India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission to the Moon has ignited a debate over foreign aid between the UK and India. 
    “The debate took an intriguing turn when users cited a report published by Columbia University Press, authored by economist Usha Patnaik. The report, part of a collection of essays, revealed that the East India Company and the British Raj had extracted a staggering £9.2 trillion (equivalent to $44.6 trillion) from India between 1765 and 1938. This eye-popping figure became a focal point in the debate as X users humorously suggested that if the UK sought returns, they should consider repaying the estimated $44.6 trillion amassed during India’s Colonial rule.”
    Read more at:
    UK aid worth nearly £2.3 billion to India sparks heated debate amid Chandrayaan-3 triumph…?
    How UK Media’s ‘Racist Rant’ On Chandrayaan’s Success Was Silenced By India’s ‘$45 Trillion’ Truth
    ISRO Chandrayaan-3 used British aid? British journalist ‘insults’ INDIA? GB News | Karolina Goswami
    This success of ISRO andChandrayaan-3will benefit the global scientific community and it is great to see that countries from around the world send congratulations to India on this historic achievement. This is the year of India’s G20 presidency. India’s idea of ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’ is resonating across the world. This human-centric approach has been welcomed by all. India’s Moon mission is also based on this principle. India’s success belongs to all of humanity.
    Best wishes
    Dr Suchith Anand
    Senior Adviser to Governments and International Organisations | Scientist | AI Ethics | AI Governance | Policy | Consultant in Data and AI Ethics | Global Citizen | SDG Volunteer and Advocate

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