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FYI: GRASS GIS project survey on repositories and identifiers

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    Peter Löwe

    Dear all,
    FYI, the GRASS GIS project is currently undertaking a survey, regarding the migration of its repositories and access methods (ORCID and other IDs) which might be of interest to some of you (the deadline was just extended).
    From: Markus Neteler
    Subject: [GRASS-user] Survey: GRASS GIS migration to git
    Dear all,
    Time has come to also move the GRASS GIS development from SVN to git.
    In order to understand what you believe is the best solution (which
    git hosting platform, how and where to handle tickets/issues, etc),
    please fill in this survey by Feb 12, 2019:
    Everybody is invited to participate! We want to know your opinion!
    Thanks for your support,
    PS: thanks to Stefan Blumentrath (sbl) and others for the creation of
    the survey.
    Markus Neteler


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    That’s great thanks for the forward!
    Jane Wyngaard, PhD
    Data Science Technologist
    Centre for Research Computing
    University of Notre Dame

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