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FOSS4G:UK 2023 Local

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    Suchith Anand

    Dear colleagues
    It is nearly 10 years since FOSS4G 2013 was organised in Nottingham under the Geo For All mission. FOSS4G 2013 provided excellent momentum for the “Geo for All” Education initiative globally. Details at
    OSGeo:UK Chapter  is looking for volunteers to help plan for FOSS4G:UK 2023 Local . Details below. I request all colleagues (esp. Universities who established GeoForAll labs) to consider hosting events to support FOSS4G: UK 2023. Please contact Nick Bearman directly for any information if you are interested to host an event for FOSS4G:UK 2023 Local. Thanks.
    Best wishes
    – Show quoted text -From: UK on behalf of Nick Bearman
    Sent: 08 February 2023 14:36
    To: OSGeo UK
    Subject: [OSGeo-UK] FOSS4G:UK 2023 Local Dear all,
    After meeting yesterday, we are looking to move forward with running
    FOSS4G:UK 2023, running with a similar hybrid / local setup to 2022,
    with a few changes. With September 2023 marking 10 years since FOSS4G
    2013 in Nottingham, we are planning on running the event in September.
    No date decided yet, but now is the time to make suggestions of dates to
    favour or avoid!
    We will have a smaller number of venues, with a focus on around 6-7.
    Specifically we would like to host events in:
    – Cardiff
    – Bristol
    – Glasgow or Edinburgh
    – Leeds or Newcastle
    – London
    – Manchester or Liverpool
    – Birmingham
    – Belfast
    We are trying to get a balance of venues, with locations accessible to
    as many people as possible within a day trip.
    If you can host one, please step up!
    Thank you if you have already emailed me and volunteered.
    We will meet again in a few weeks to confirm and develop our plans.
    Best wishes,

    Nick Bearman
    +44 (0)7717745715
    Due to my own life/work balance, you may get emails from me outside of normal working hours. Please do not feel any pressure to respond outside of your own working pattern.
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