RDA Plenary 3 -- Federated Identity Management session

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1530-1700 on Wednesday 26 March. IG Federated Identity Management 1
1100-1230 on Thursday 27 March. IG Federated Identity Management 2
Session chair(s) including email address(es):
Daan Broeder: daan.broeder@mpi.nl
The Federated Identity Management interest group (FIMig) is an
international cross-domain interest group to work on all issues related to
the use of FIM for the implementation of AAIs (Authentication and Authorization
Infrastructures) in research infrastructures.
Although there are many possible solutions to enable an AAI, the FIM
approach is especially well suited for research
infrastructures that are distributed over many sites and need to be
The starting point of FIMig are the discussions by
where a number of research communities have prepared a common AAI
and initiated a number of pilot developments. The intention is to further
broaden the original FIM4R discussions including
more colleagues from Asia and the USA.
Links to additional reading material:
This is the first meeting of the RDA FIMig, so discussions will focus on
scope and management of the group itself next to investigating the
potential for RDA FIM workgroups.
A tentative agenda can be found at:
More information will be published via the FIMig RDA web-site area: