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RDA Virtual Plenary 18 – Notifications of Acceptance

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    Dear Chairs of the FAIR for Virtual Research Environments WG,
    The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) has completed its review of session applications for the RDA Virtual Plenary 18 (VP18) and has accepted your application titled FAIR for VREs – The Path Forward. Please consider this your official notification of acceptance. Congratulations!
    TAB has asked the Secretariat to communicate some suggestions to you for improving your session: The description of this WG session and the VRE IG session are very similar. TAB therefore suggests you make the agendas distinctly different or, if the content is the same, merge this session with the VRE IG session.
    If you have any questions or concerns regarding these suggestions, or prefer to discuss them with TAB, please contact your TAB liaisons, Isabelle Perseil and Rob Quick (copied in this email).
    At this time, the Secretariat is scheduling all approved sessions and the draft programme will be published on 24th September. Any requests for changes should be made by 1st October and the final detailed programme with your session time and link to your session page will be published by 8th October 2021 on the RDA website.
    For this meeting, Zoom will be used for your session and further information and access details will be provided in due course.
    Going forward, please begin planning for your session. As a reminder, there will be some individuals who attend your session who are unfamiliar with your group’s work. We encourage you to keep your session page updated with information about your group, your session and opportunities attendees will have to engage with you and others during the session.
    Please contact us at ***@***.***, or your TAB liaison (as indicated above), if you have any questions about your session.
    Registration for VP18 is now live, please see here for details together with an outline of the registration fees. Please bear in mind that RDA is not in a position to offer free speaker admissions or single-session rates. Registered participants have access to all programme components, including recordings of all meetings.
    Should you wish to submit a poster for VP18 please remember the deadline for submission is Wednesday 15th September 2021 23:59 UTC . Please see here for further details.
    We look forward to your participation at VP18, and on behalf of the RDA TAB and Secretariat, thank you for your ongoing engagement with the RDA.
    All the best,
    RDA Secretariat

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    Dear all,
    Many thanks for the great news! The idea with the overlap of the topic of
    the WG and the IG was to address topics in the IG which won’t be addressed
    by the WG session but to inform each other since the WG is under the
    umbrella of the IG. The goal of the IG is to have discussions beyond
    FAIRness of VREs that could spin out a further WG addressing trust in and
    critical thinking about results in VREs when using novel technologies such
    as AI and VR. We mention FAIRness to address that this is one aspect for
    increasing trust but we think it is not enough to make VREs fair to achieve
    trust and avoid “blind trust”. We aim at discussing the balance between
    trust and critical thinking.
    Does that sound okay? Should we maybe change the title?
    Sandra Gesing
    Scientific Outreach and DEI Lead
    Discovery Partner Institute
    University of Illinois Chicago
    Email: ***@***.***
    Phone: 1-312-668-9041
    On Wed, Sep 8, 2021 at 11:41 AM Secretariat

  • #129408

    We should consider changing the title to address the TAB concerns. I don’t
    think it is much of an issue, but we could change the title to be,
    “FAIR for VREs – The need for making VREs FAIR”
    On Thu, Sep 9, 2021 at 3:57 AM Sandra Gesing via FAIR for Virtual Research
    Environments WG wrote:

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