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SSI Fellowship Programme 2023 Applications Open

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    Applications to the Software Sustainability Institute Fellowship Programme 2023 are now open! The deadline to apply is 3 October 2022.
    The SSI Fellowship Programme provides funding for individuals who want to improve how research software is used in their domains, fields and/or areas of work. Each Fellow is awarded £3,000 to spend over fifteen months. This funding can be used for any activities that meet both the Fellow’s and the Institute’s goals, such as travel to workshops, running training events, nurturing or contributing to communities of practice, collaborating with other Fellows, or for any other activities that relate to improving computational practice or policy.
    We are also pleased to announce that the Fellowship Programme 2023 round will be a continuation of the pilot for opening up the programme to international applicants. There will be up to three places for successful international applicants (who are based outside the UK or without a formal affiliation with a UK-based institution or office).
    Please visit the Fellowship Programme page for important dates and further information. You can also sign up here to receive updates and reminders, and join the Launch Webinar on Thursday, 25 August from 11:00-12:00 BST to learn more about the application process, hear from previous Fellows and ask any questions.
    Thank you and best wishes,
    Dr Rachael E Ainsworth (she, her)
    Research Software Community Manager
    Software Sustainability Institute
    [cid:a4f210a9-16a5-4b45-be1a-54fb90759bff] [cid:708704e7-5702-4816-be5c-c8a6670bd044] [cid:78cef8e0-4fbf-47c5-a084-3c17a715e66b]

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