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June 2024 online meeting

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    Julien Colomb

    Dear FAIR4RH IG members,

    It seems the website works again and I can hope this message will reach you.

    We are pleased to let you know that output of the FAIR4RH-Definition
    Subgroup chaired by Alexander Struck is published! Also, we would like to
    thank everyone for commenting, discussing, and participating in meetings.

    The output is available at the RDA website and the public review will take
    place in next 30 days:

    Please, feel free to share the output on research hardware definition with
    your networks.

    Kind regards,
    Nadica (on behalf of FAIR4RH IG)

    I would also like to propose a meeting in June, see more information in our etherpad <font face=”inherit”>$FAIR4RH-1</font>, let’s say next Wednesday 9 am CEST (Berlin/Paris time), via <font face=”inherit”></font>.

    We willmake a poll for following meetings, but I wanted to get things going for now (if this messaging app works).

    Best regards,


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