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FAIR4RH july meeting

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    Dear all,
    We set the next meeting and unless there are some complains, we would keep the first Wednesday of the month 13h UTC (14h CEST, Berlin time) for our 2023 meetings.
    Good news, the research hardware definition is close to ready and we will now look into publishing it (as a RDA output, and maybe as a paper).
    Thank you a lot for your inputs, congratulation to the RH definition subgroup.
    (PS: if you participated in the RH definition work, please add yourself to the contributor list:…)
    So it is time to go to the next steps, I prepared a document to write a small description of the 4 subgroups we want to have to tackle FAIR principles for RH:$FAIR4RH-subgroups
    It would be great to write a small abstract of what is meant to be done, and some roadmap draft. You can volunteer to do one of them by writing your name in the chair section. I will design some volunteers next week for the groups without chairs 😉
    A last note about the OH workshop lead by the openmake team during the open science conference end of June. We would of course be happy to see you there, please see… for more information and a link to the registration page (you need to register to the whole conference). Please contact me if the fee is a barrier for your participation.
    See you soon,
    FAIR4RH july meeting
    Scheduled: 5. Jul 2023 at 14:00 to 15:00, CEST

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    Hi everyone,
    Nadica and I went through the definition document, resolved comments and streamlined some text. Now we need your help: Please read the document again and if possible resolve some of the “collected use cases” bullet points into the table below. We would like to have as many as possible in the publication.
    Please also detail your contribution(s) at the end of the document.
    Many thanks and see you on Wednesday

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