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RDA FAIR data maturity model: Workshop #9 meeting report

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    Dear members of the FAIR data maturity model Working Group,
    This message is to inform you that the meeting report for Workshop #9 has
    been published here [1]. Workshop #9 marked the end of one and half year of
    common effort to build a FAIR data maturity model. Nevertheless, it doesn’t
    mark the end this Working Group. As mentioned, the Working Group will be
    turned into a Maintenance Working Group in the coming weeks.
    In the meantime, the editorial team addressed all the comments received
    during the public review period – through different channels – and
    accordingly refined the FAIR data maturity model: guidelines and
    specifications. The latter has now been submitted to the RDA council for
    We count on you to actively promote and distribute the Recommendation. We
    will inform the group when the Recommendation has been published.
    Additionally, Workshop #10, which is set to the first workshop of the
    maintenance phase, will be hosted potentially in September 2020. The exact
    date is yet to be confirmed.
    It remains for us to again reiterate our gratitude to all of you whose
    significant contribution made the FAIR data maturity model possible.
    On the behalf of the Chairs and the editorial team, thank you!
    The editorial team

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