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P22 Evaluation of research sessions and CoARA WG meeting

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    Francoise Genova

    Dear colleagues,

    In this message you will find information about the Evaluation of Research IG P22 sessions and about a meeting of the CoARA WG on Working Group on Reforming Academic Career Assessment (WG ACA), which will be held on 25 June 2024 at 13:00 UTC.

    Evaluation of Research IG P22 sessions

    The collaborative notes from the two IG sessions are here. You can post your comments about the IG output “RDA Role in the Evaluation of Research Landscape” until Friday 14 June.

    Session summary prepared in the template provided for the TAB report:

    Summary of the session’s key points and discussions in three sentences:

    The session enabled us to discuss the past and future IG
    activities with the community, and to summarise the presentations
    and findings of the pre-Plenary IG meeting, which had been held on
    April 29th . The first IG output, “RDA Role in the Evaluation of
    Research Landscape”, was presented. The future IG activities were

    Key outcomes/actions/takeaways:

    1. 1. The IG output “RDA Role in the Evaluation of Research
      Landscape” will be submitted to Request for Comments mid-June
    2. 2. The IG will map CoARA Working Groups with the RDA activities
      to identify useful liaisons to establish.
    3. 3. The IG will organise on-line meetings between the RDA
      Plenaries, in particular to enable liaison between CoARA WGs and
      RDA activities and outputs. The first candidate themes are

    Synergies and/or possible collaborations identified with RDA groups and other groups:

    In addition to relevant RDA Groups already invited to participate
    in the IG Stakeholder Forum, liaison was established with the Understanding and Capturing the Uptake of Digital Research
    Infrastructure IG which is being established, and a contribution
    was presented to their session Establishing the Understanding and
    Capturing the Uptake of Digital Research Infrastructure IG on May

    Reforming Academic Career Assessment: Insights from the CoARA working group and future directions

    The CoARA WG Reforming Academic Career Assessment is organising a workshop on 25 June, 13:00-17:00 UTC to present its latest findings.

    The Working Group has gathered data on both organisational and broader national and international initiatives aimed at reforming academic career assessment. This workshop will highlight the key outcomes from its large-scale survey and case studies, offering valuable insights into the current landscape of academic career assessment reforms.

    Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the findings and provide further input to the Working Group on potential lessons learned, as well as share experiences from reforms in their own context. These discussions will inform the co-creation of an adaptable toolbox for academic career assessment, considering all university missions and the broad scope of activities, skills and competences of academic staff at different stages of their career.

    The workshop is free and open to all, regardless of CoARA membership. We particularly encourage researchers at all career stages, as well as representatives of higher education institutions and research organisations, to participate. Registrations are open until the start of the event.

    Best regards,

    Francoise Genova, with Amy Nurnberger, Devika Madalli and Emma Crott

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