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Summary of RDA Plenary 13

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    Dear colleagues:
    We had a well attended and lively IG meeting and discussion on the ethics of data science. I wanted to thank our panelists (Fran Berman, Alison Specht, and Myrna Morales), Bonnie Tijerina (who had to cancel but kindly sent me some of her ideas and thoughts on the subject  – I’ve uploaded them to to the ESAD IG site), Oya Beyan (co-chair and presenter), and Stefan Reichmann, the RDA Europe early career fellow who helped support us before and during the plenary (his summary is also on the ESAG IG site).  Please take a look when you get a chance.
    In other news, it’s time for me to step down as co-chair for this group and pass it on to someone else who wants to work with Oya, who has done a wonderful job as co-chair to further the group’s goals as it evolves. I started this interest group as a space for the RDA community to engage in discussions on current issues in data and provide a counterweight to the technological emphasis in much of RDA, and I hope that will continue.  Please let Oya and me know if you’d like to be that person!
    Thank you,

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