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Re: [ethics-social-aspects-ig] Deadline For P15 Group Session Submissions Extended To 5 December 2019

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    Gene Melzack

    Hi Anne,
    I’m not aware of any existing proposals for this group, but if there were one, I would also be interested in participating. I’ve been working with some researchers recently around working with social media data and web scraping. We’ve been finding that while ethical guidelines do already exist, they’re hard to find and the researchers and ethics committees aren’t always aware of their existence, so we’ve been trying to think about what the best methods of raising awareness, communicating those guidelines, and embedding them into existing systems, processes, and practices would be.
    Kind regards,
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    Subject: Re: [ethics-social-aspects-ig] Deadline For P15 Group Session Submissions Extended To 5 December 2019
    Is there any proposal from the group ethics to RDA P15? If a session is prepared I am willing to participate as I plan to go to Melbourne.
    I am part of a session proposal led by the SHARC group (that I co-Chair) entitled : FAIR training material and networks (FAIR literacy vectors) where I shall have a talk (if accepted) on ethics and how it can enter currcula about open science. I just wanted to mention that to the group.
    Anne Cambon-Thomsen

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