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ethics curricula for data science

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    Oya Beyan

    Dear IG members,
    at RDA 13 in Philadelphia, the keynote by Julia Stoyanovich[1][2] outlined
    key challenges for data science practice, which she framed as “responsible
    data science is our new frontier”. One aspect highlighted in there was the
    need for standards in teaching such responsible data science, for which she
    gave her course[3] as an example.
    Following the keynote, at the IG’s meeting[4], we have discussed the
    importance of ethics curricula for data science and agreed to create a task
    force to bring expertise from our group together to come up with a reference
    curriculum. It was suggested that this task force should focus its efforts
    for the next few months on collecting information related to ethics training
    in data-centric fields. On that basis, we would then synthesize and discuss
    common elements as well as possible gaps, with the intended outcome being a
    draft reference curriculum whose main components can be used across a broad
    range of fields, with some room for adaptations to specific topics or
    circumstances at hand.
    To facilitate this process, we have set up a Google doc that is publicly
    accessible, where you can sign up to indicate your interest to participate
    in the Task Force, and where pointers to relevant resources can be collected
    We will contact you again in the next few days about a first meeting of this
    Task Force.
    Oya and Daniel for the group
    [1] Slides at
    [2] video

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